Asset Tracking Device

Asset Tracker combines three location-based technologies, GPS/Cellular/RF, in a single tracking device designed to be easily hidden in frequently stolen items. Cargo, jewellery, couriers, electronics, cash, vehicles and anything that needs to be tracked, can be with Asset Tracker.


  • Robust Sealed Case
  • Motion trigger
  • Real time ping trigger
  • Configurable motion sensitivity, update rates, and interval reporting
  • Configurable (Geo) Fences
  • GPS location accurate within feet
  • RF pinpoints final Device location
  • Stores location data if cellular signal is lost during tracking
  • Tracking data stored for evidence
  • Multiple options to extend battery life
  • Text and email alerts
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Secure website for live tracking


  • Perfect for covert and mobile applications
  • Automatically tracks after activation
  • Can link multiple Devices to specific fence locations
  • Can suppress alerts in geo-fenced locations
  • Multiple technologies pinpoint Device location
  • Device hibernation and wake up programmable to save battery
  • Reliable performance in Urban Canyon areas
  • Highly configurable to meet the type of crime and battery life needed
  • Easy to use and maintain


70mm x 50mm x 25mm

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