Through Wall Secure Pass Through

  • Ideal for environments where staff need to securely pass through valuables to a back room without compromising the security of the back room.
  • Allows the secure transfer of cash, valuables, documents and materials via the double door pass through unit.


  • Lagard Basic Digital locking to external and internal doors
  • Different locking options available


  • 5mm Steel Doors and 2mm Steel body
  • Stainless Steel piano door hinges
  • Durable powder coated finish
  • Fixed External Wall flange and adjustable internal flange to suit walls up to 200mm deep
  • Foam internal floor for sound absorption


  • Unit is secured into a wall cavity with fixings from inside the pass through unit.
  • The external flange reinforces the unit by bracing it against the wall and masks the wall cut-out.
  • An adjustable internal flange with support stiffeners under the pass through body is secured to the internal wall and the unit is bolted to the flange base.

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