Single Door Secure Storage Cabinet

Secure attack resistant storage for high value merchandise that could be targeted by criminals such as mobile phones, cigarettes, batteries, perfume and jewellery.

Target Hardening

The use of secure storage to resist attack and reduce the success of robberies is a target hardening practice that assists reduce the incidence of robberies.

Attack Resistant

Designed to slow down access to valuable merchandise in a break in.
Proven to withstand sledge hammer and pinch bar attacks often used by criminals to gain entry to joinery and light duty steel cabinets.


3 Way retracting bolt work unlocked by a ROSS 600 high security safe door lock.


  • 5mm Plate steel door with hinge protection channel
  • 3mm Bent and welded steel body
  • 8mm Steel Rod Bolt work
  • 4 x Fixed Shelves each with 200kg load capacity


Unit is bolted to the floor via 4 x securing holes in the base of the cabinet.

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