• A time delay deposit safe helps staff manage cash drawer limits and protect bulk cash by allowing easy deposits into the time delay safe via deposit slot.
  • Deposited cash falls into a deposit bin In the safe that can easily be retrieved to remove and process deposits.
  • The easy operate time delay locking can be activated by key or be integrated into your access control system and operated keyless by RFID access control card.

Dual Access Control

Dual locking safe is fitted with :

  • The industry leading HUD Electronic time delay lock with alarm integration options for duress and extending time delay when alarm activated.
  • A ROSS Safe Door Keylock for additional security and dual access control.

Occupational Health & Safety

  • Use of time delay safes to restrict available cash is a recognised target hardening deterrent to criminals and helps protect your staff and cash.
  • Ergonomic design for easy to operate time delay with a key turn to activate and simple pull of door to open when time delay cycle completed.
  • Safe self-locks when door closed.


  • Without base plinth:
    436mm High x 390mm Wide x 450mm deep
  • With base plinth :
    626mm High x 390mm Wide x 450mm Deep
  • Weight (unloaded): 50kg
  • Custom plinth heights available subject to manufacture lead times


  • Unit can be securely fixed to the floor or into joinery via 4 x internal bolt down holes.

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