High strength Modular Vault Systems

Modular vaults are ideal for creating a secure store within a building or warehouse. The modular panel construction allows vaults to be assembled and build in existing buildings with often difficult access. Ideal for storage of bulk pharmaceuticals in warehouses or factories, storage of customer safety deposit boxes in financial institutions and securing high value merchandise. With access difficulties and floor loading constraints, modern vault panels options include light weight high strength materials to cater for a retro-build application. Our team of HUD Vault engineers will design a vault to suit your storage requirement, then our professional team of installers will assemble your vault in location in only a couple of days.

UL Rated Vault options:


Vault Doors

Standard Size and custom vault door options are available to suit your vault and application, including double door and mechanically assisted opening doors.

All doors fitted with internal emergency lock override for egress.


A range of UL Certified vault door locks are available with numerous features to meet security and operational requirements.

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