Protects and tracks pharmaceuticals for recovery

Robberies of pharmacies are on the rise, putting prescription drugs, employees and customers in danger.
So pharmacies are increasingly turning to 3SI’s PharmaTracker to successfully recover the drugs, protect staff and customers, and apprehend the thieves. PharmaTracker is a powerful tracking device that automatically detects a theft and silently starts updating its location to 3SI’s advanced tracking system.


  • Protects pharmaceuticals where they are stored
  • Covert packaging blends with other similar products
  • Triggers automatically with tilt or motion and silently reports to 3SI tracking website
  • Location updates to secure website every 6 seconds via GPS, Cellular and Wi-Fi
  • Reliable performance ensured via daily battery check and semi-monthly health report with cellular connection
  • Text and email notifications of activations and device status
  • Stores location data if cellular signal is lost during tracking
  • RF to pinpoint final device location
  • DIY-friendly for installation and charging
  • Simple inductive or USB charging


  • Available in a variety of packaging designs to meet different applications
  • Configured for easy installation and use in retail environments
  • Trigger options
    • Motion (standard)
    • Tilt

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